The Bonus Feature

Soaring not Striving

Hello from Lockdown!

Please forgive the formatting – not that that has ever been a strong point of mine – but it has been so long since I have done this that they have changed all the rules.

So I announced a period of radio silence a couple of years ago now. Did I think it would last this long? Probably not. However, as ‘things going on for a bit longer than we initially anticipated’ has been a bit of theme for all of us lately, I am sure you will understand.

But while Covid has certainly depleted my keyboard time…

I was going to say my screen time – but then I realised that was so NOT the case!

…there is a much happier reason for my being otherwise engaged lately and I can now announce that the main reason for my radio silence has been the arrival of the newest member of our family – our fifth child, and our second daughter – The Bonus Feature.

Which calls for a bit of a shake up of family names. My darling big girl who I have previously referred to as The One and Only Daughter will henceforth be known as The Eldest. The All or Nothing is still very much the All or Nothing, but The Court Jester will now be known as The Introvert. Our darling Gift has now been at home with Lord for nearly 15 years. No Tea Vicar (N.T.V.) still fits my husband down to a t – although TV.V. would suit equally well at the moment as he spends much of his time putting together broadcasts and appearing on our TV screen for what passes as church these days.

Me – I think I could best be described right now as a knotted tangle and a bundle of nerves (channeling my inner Mrs Bennet) – but that is for another Post!


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