Once again I fell for it!

What could possibly go wrong?

It happens every time. I have a moment of feeling energetic and creative and I search online for a homemade, sensory play experience for the Bonus Feature. As things always do in the land of blog it all looked very straightforward – cornflour, water, food colouring and hey presto edible finger paint.

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, I now have a blue child, a kitchen that looks even more chaotic than usual, and some jelly like paint I’m not sure I can face using again – and did I mention that my child is blue! Not only that, but in an ironic turn of events, to bring us all down from this rather overwhelming experience, she is now watching telly and eating a biscuit – something that I’m sure Blog Mum never resorts to. And worst of all The Bonus Feature ended up crying miserably either because of the mess I had made of the whole thing, or the pressure I then put on her to enjoy it!

But let’s end on the positives. I am relatively confident that the BF hasn’t been scarred for life by the experience and that she will return to her original colour eventually. The All or Nothing and I had fun researching it and then making it; and last but not least, the whole fiasco did fill a lockdown hour or two – which in itself has got to count for something.

And there’s always colourful spaghetti worms to make tomorrow! What could possibly go wrong – after all she’s already blue.

Coming soon is a more thought provoking post taking a look at sabbath – but laughing with you about this has been a healthy alternative to crying – thank you!


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