About Me – what’s new!

I originally wrote my ‘About Me’ page in 2015 when I started to blog. As you can imagine a few things have changed since then. I have chosen to leave the original page alone as it says something about where this blog came from and to use this page for any updates.

I’ve left in the original info and where it is unchanged have put it in italics and aligned it to the right.     

About me – what a daunting name for a page! What to say about me?
Well without meaning to dodge the question, the first thing to say about me is not really about me, but about the Lord Jesus. Nor is it distinctive to me, but true of every member of his family. You see, the most important thing about me, and also the most exciting thing, is that I am in Christ. I was made by him and for him and can be truly and eternally alive because of him.

My name is Johanna and I find myself living in the North West of England with my husband, four children and various pets – including The Minister’s Cat, but currently not including any Fat Ladies (guinea pigs).

Let me introduce the family:

First of all there is my husband: No Tea Vicar or NTV for short. As the name suggests he is a vicar who, contrary to tradition, drinks neither tea nor coffee and who would prefer never to be offered a cucumber sandwich or cucumber in any form whatsoever!

The Lord has graciously given us five children. Four to share our journey with and one who has gone home ahead of us.

With us we have The Eldest (2004); The Introvert (2007); The All or Nothing (2009) and The Bonus Feature (2019). Our first son – The Gift – was stillborn at 37 weeks in 2006.

With the arrival of The Bonus Feature and as I type this a Global Pandemic – the following is now totally inaccurate – but as it remains the Origin Story (a Marvel phrase I think – The Introvert would be proud!) of this blog and I have kept it in…..

…….With all three children at school I now live a leisurely life drinking coffee and writing my blog. Only joking. Although there is quite a lot of coffee involved it is more likely to accompany a prayer meeting, a planning meeting or a bible study than a writing session. Once a week however I install myself in a coffee shop and write. That’s something you need to know about me – I love to write. Writing is a big thing to me and has been for as long as I can remember. Once or twice over the past 10 years it has been my privilege to write for publication – see below – however, recently the doors have been closing on that front leaving my desire to write standing on the doorstep ringing the bell. So here I am.

For those interested in how I got here – below is a whistle stop tour of life before landing in rural North West England in my late thirties.

Born in Oxford

Moved to the USA when I was five

Moved back to the UK when I was 10

Went to secondary school in Oxford

Headed north to read (or can you only read if you go to Oxbridge?) Geography at Durham University. Met, but didn’t go out with, NTV – although he wasn’t planning on being a vicar then.

Worked for a church in London during which time I married NTV in 2000 (still no plans to be a Rev.)

Became a youth and children’s worker for a different church in London while also contributing to some bible reading notes for 7-11 year olds. Stopped all that to have the One and Only Daughter. NTV started thinking about full time ministry and started working for our church while attending a course on teaching the bible part time. Eventually NTV went through the whole C of E application process and shortly after The Gift’s stillbirth we found ourselves moving to Oxford to attend theological college. Had idea for Beginning with God.

Had The Introvert while in Oxford.

Temporarily moved up to the North West for our curacy (3-4 years) where the All or Nothing joined us. As did the original Two Fat Ladies (Guinea Pigs). Input Output was published.

Temporary changed into long-term when NTV took on the position of Priest in Charge in a multi parish benefice – in other words he has lots of churches all of whom would rather not have to share!

The Mind Muddler was published. It was here that the Minister’s Cat joined us, and that we welcomed (and said goodbye to) various Fat Ladies and more recently a hamster or two. More significantly it was here that The Bonus Feature joined us.

Published works:

The Mind Muddler – a rhyming tale of how sin messes up our thinking. Quite a wide age range – roughly 5-10s. Published by 10 of Those.

Input, Output  – a book to encourage and equip 12-16s to form a habit of regular personal prayer and bible study. Published by Christian Focus

Beginning with God: Three booklets for parents to use with their pre-schoolers as they read through the Beginners Bible together. Published by the Good Book Company


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