A Better Story by Glynn Harrison

As you might have gathered I am slowly reading through:

A Better Story: God, Sex and Human Relationships.

In the same way in which he examines the history of the self-esteem movement in The Big Ego Trip; in A Better Story Glynn Harrison skillfully takes us through the promises, processes and stories of the sexual revolution.

This is not just a knee-jerk reaction against the rapidly changing world in which we find ourselves living. It is not a blushing attempt to squeeze everything back into the Victorian wardrobe it burst out of.

blogBursting closet

No. Instead, Harrison takes us though the story of sexuality and gender that the world has so wholeheartedly adopted and gives us the courage to ask – is ringing true or not? Has it delivered what it promised? Which of course then begs the question – if not, why aren’t we telling the world a better story?

Perhaps you feel happy that you are standing rock solid on the biblical truths you’ve always believed in?

This book will help you to take a careful look at the basis for that confidence. It takes the lid off our knee-jerk gut reactions (however correct they may be) and shows us just how beautiful those truths are. It will also help you understand what is going on around us and how to engage with others lovingly and to the glory of the Lord Jesus.


Perhaps you are unconvinced, or even frustrated and sickened, by the narrow stance some Christians are taking in this area?

This book is humbly and intelligently written and offers a great chance to have a rummage (or a ratch as we say up here!) through the issues past and present away from the constant noise of our own and other’s gut reactions.

Either way I couldn’t recommend it more highly!

But meanwhile, back at the beginning of the book…

I’m really excited by the super accessible way in which Glynn Harrison lays out for us the mechanics of idea forming and culture changing – inviting us as it were to take a look under the hood of society with someone who knows what he is looking at.

If you’re interested join me for my next post: Not so radical after all…Elephants and Old English Sheep Dogs


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