And another..

The NTV and I read through The One True Story by Tim Chester over advent and turned down the pages* of some of the particularly striking bits. The first turned down corner led me to the prayer I have just shared with you by Catherine Parr – and so has the second!

Grant that I may ever desire and will that which is most pleasant and acceptable to thee. Thy will be my will, and my will be to follow alway thy will. Let there be alway in me one will, and one desire with thee; and that I have no desire to will or not to will, but as thou wilt. Lord, thou knowest what thing is most profitable and most expedient for me. Give, therefore, what thou wilt, as much as thou wilt, and when thou wilt. Do with me what thou wilt, as it shall please thee, and shall be most to thine honour. Put me where thou wilt, and freely do with me in all things after thy will. Thy creature I am, and in thy hands, lead and turn me where thou wilt. Lo, I am they servant, ready to do all things that thou commandest; for I desire not to live to myself, but to thee. Amen.

*Sorry to those of you who wince at such treatment of books



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