A fantastic prayer

Lord Jesus, I pray thee grant me grace, that I may never set my heart on the things of this world, but that all worldly and carnal affection may utterly die and be mortified in me. Grant me above all things that I may rest in thee, and finally quiet and pacify my heart in thee. For thou Lord, art the very true peace of heart and the perfect rest of the soul, and without thee all things are grevious and unquiet.

Wherefore, Lord Jesus, I pray thee, give me grace to rest in thee above all things, and to quiet me in thee above all creatures; above all glory and honour, above all dignity and power, above all the riches and treasure, above all joy and pleasure, above all fame and praise, above all mirth and consolation that man’s heart may take or feel besides thee.

For thou, Lord God, art best, most wise, most high, most mighty, most sufficiant, and most full of all goodness, most sweet, and most comfortable, most fair, most loving, most noble, most glorious; in whom all goodness most perfectly is. And therefore, whatsoever I have besides thee, it is nothing to me; for my heart may not rest nor fully be pacified but only in thee.

A prayer of Catherine Parr, King Henry V111’s sixth wife

Thank you dear Lord, for placing this lady who loved you in a position where she could teach of you to so many. Thank you that despite the pressures she served you so faithfully there and continues to be a blessing to your people. Please may I be fruitful in the position you have placed me, and may this prayer become my prayer. Amen.

PS: And thank you Lord, that my husband is much more lovely than hers!!!!


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