Good questions as Black Friday stirs up our appetite for purchasing

Before a purchase:

  • Will it help me as I watch for Jesus’ return?
  • Can I use it for his service?
  • Is it something I will thank God for or will it just get lost in my possessions?
  • Did the idea of getting it come from a need / a perceived gap or did it grab me?
  • Would it take my eyes off of Jesus’ return?
  • Am I expecting too much of it?
  • Am I worried about its lack in my life?
  • Am I chasing after it?
  • Has getting it taken a high priority in my thoughts and plans?
  • Am I seeking first God’s kingdom – or has this thing jumped into pole position?
  • Is this item merely furnishing my kingdom and if so am I aware of how short term it is?

Dear Father God, the one who provides all our daily needs, please help me to lose my appetite for the shiny and the new and to be more hesitant and thoughtful in the face of the extra effort the world is making to draw me in to its culture of consumption. Thank you Father, Amen.


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