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Soaring not Striving

Witness 5: The people who write books and give talks on Christian parenting

Intention to be intentional: 9 / 10
Actually consistently doing ‘it’: 5 / 10
Reading the bible with her daughter since she started secondary school: 2 / 10
Reading the bible with her daughter when she was younger: 7 / 10
Discipling her children in their prayer life and bible reading as they grow up: 5 / 10
Applying God’s word in discipline: 6 / 10
Being patient, merciful, and modelling grace and humility: 6 / 10
Speaking and living the gospel of grace with her children: 8 / 10
Teaching discernment and wisdom by intentionally chatting about life: 3 / 10
Giving her children opportunities to be discipled by others: 4 / 10
Amazing her children with God vs exasperating them: She dreads to think.
Planning to thoughtfully pray for her children and about her role as a Mum: 8 / 10
Actually, consistently praying for her children and about her role as a Mum: 4 / 10

Attitudes and reactions to parenting
Trusting all this to God: 3 / 10 Although she does know that the answer is Jesus!
Steering clear of having a: “Put this stuff into your kids and get a great Christian adult out” mentality: 8 / 10 But only because she knows the answer is Jesus!
Trusting God’s will for her life and the lives of her children: Read on! 
Not being crushed, petrified and paralysed by every roll of the eyes, every harrumph, each sarcastic remark, the disobedience, the arguments and bickering: 1 / 10
Not counting every sin, mistake, or failure in her family as her own: 1 / 10
Understanding the difference between carrying a burden that isn’t hers and faithfulness to her role: 1 / 10

Conclusion: This woman desperately wants to be a great Mum. She understands that the best thing she can give her children are opportunities to see and follow Jesus. There is, of course, more she could do to do this well and to develop new patterns as her children get older. BUT we are very worried about where her identity is and where her hope for her children lies.


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