Welcome to my brain! I just need to ask you a few questions…

So back to our Brain Receptionist.

For better or worse my receptionist seems to be the terrifying librarian from Monsters University, who has melded in my mind with the hairy scary librarian from the How to Train your Dragon books. 

Whoever you employ they will need to be firm and confident because the receptionist approach is not popular with worries. Worries thrive when they are allowed to remain non-specific niggling feelings that attach themselves on to other non-specific niggles thus gaining strength…..

The well equipped Brain Receptionist can thwart this process by categorising and conquering! With a small investment of time and concentration he or she can reduce the looming, mysterious shadow behind the curtain (spot the Wizard of Oz reference) for the much less threatening reality casting it.

So we’ve acknowledged the first touch and sent the thought or feeling straight to the front desk to report to The Brain Receptionist so that he or she can:

  1. Greet it.
  2. Pray.
  3. Hold it up to the light and interrogate it.
  4. Slap a visitors badge on it – denoting it’s access level, and general status.
  5. Pray.

So now for the interrogation!

Question 1: Are you real?
Many worries are simply the shadow of something that has already been resolved or processed, residual feelings with nothing concrete behind them.

If the answer is No – call security and escort them from the building. If the answer is yes proceed to the next question.

Except that I am going to proceed to the Hotel on my favourite island for “lunch with my family”

(In my head that last bit is an Albert Finney Scrooge reference)

So we’ll have to wait for Question 2! How will we manage?!




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