Another corner – Good Works

You may be glad to hear that this is in fact a post-it not a corner! (See previous post if you’re puzzled)

This one is from The Glories of God’s Love: A Gospel Primer for Christians, by Milton Vincent. This is a great book about the benefits of constantly rehearsing the gospel to yourself. The main section of the book is made up of 31 (one for each day of the month) reasons to preach the gospel to yourself each day. Each reason is only about a page, but they are so rich it is good to know that you will be reminded of them monthly (or in my case at some point in the future as I slowly make my way through them).

The particular reason that prompted a post-it was Reason 22: Saved for Good Works.

Vincent starts reason 22 by referencing the New Testament and establishing the biblical basis for saying that we are saved for good works. He points us to: Titus 2:14; Phil 2:12-13; and Eph 2:10. He then goes on to say the following:

“Being naturally lazy, I do not normally thrill at the prospect of work; but the more I embrace the saving work of God on my behalf, the more I find myself embracing the works for which God saved me. And as  I “am working hard” at doing these works for the good of others, I experience the truth of Jesus’ words: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Acts 20:34035. I also find myself saying with Christ, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent me and to accomplish His work.” John 4:32-34. Indeed, gospel-motivated works do for the soul what food does for the body: They bring refreshment, enjoyment, blessing, and strengthening to the doer of the deeds, even more so than to the receiver. Hence the fact that God has prepared such works for me to do becomes a part of what makes the gospel such good news to me.”

Vincent goes on to say that as we look to the cross we see not only the love of God for us, but the love of God for the works he saved us to perform.

“When I see the Cross, I see the premium that God places on the works that He has prepared for me. How valuable all of these works must be if Christ would die so that I might perform them! And how precious are those for whom the works are done if Christ would die that they might be served.”

Dearest Father, I am floored by your love for me. Your burden is easy, your yoke is light – you carry the weight – and yet it is beautiful. How can it be that these are works that you would have ME do for you? Please forgive me my attitude of drudgery, and give me fresh eyes to see what you have got for me to do today. In the name of the one who died to save me for the delight of good works in your family business, Amen.



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