December 1st

So all our advent activities have started. Well are they Advent activities or countdown to Christmas activites?? In truth they are a bit of a jumble of both – and that is before you add in the snowmen and men in red suits!

A few of things we do:

Our meal time prayer during advent: Dear Father God, thank you for our food and that Jesus is coming again soon. Amen.

First thing in the morning: Candle lighting in a very dark room accompanied by Isaiah 9:2

Our rhyme for today:

The Lord made the world so he is King
The Lord made the world so he’s the boss of everything!

Followed by fun and games thanking God for making an increasingly long list of thnigs while throwing an inflatable globe around the room.

Verse of the day: Rev 4:11

And before you think this is all very BLOG MOMENT-ISH – let me tell you that there was arguing through most of it!

Thank you Lord for saving us from the darkness of sin, please help us to increasingly say “no” to it as it knocks so persistently at our doors!


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