New boots, old glasses 21/1/2015

The following entry captures a fun, all be it totally unimportant, moment in which I enjoyed wearing my spare specs in a coffee shop back in January.

The ‘Sexy Scientist’ glasses are on so I am feeling very studious. You know the type I mean – bold, dark frames not ashamed to be noticed. I call them ‘Sexy Scientist’ glasses because (unlike the frames themselves – real ‘look at me’ types) they are the style worn by slightly geeky, shy, serious female characters in the films. Or rather at the beginning of the films! During the course of the film she is either released and brought out of her shell by the handsome heartthrob action hero as he gently and slowly removes them in a strangely intimate gesture; or just whipped off in a dramatic gesture by the lady in question shortly before she lets her hair down in a sweeping moment worthy of a shampoo commercial. Strangely at this point in the film her eyes are miraculously healed and she is never seen wearing them again.

In my case, not being in a Hollywood film but in prosaic everyday life,  I am just wearing them because my subtle, let’s try and hide the fact that I wear glasses, glasses were until a few minutes ago being held together by a paper clip. Thankfully, they are now repaired and sitting sedately and unobtrusively in their case while I enjoy a few more moments with their bolder friends perched on my nose. The reason being that I need to go and collect some boots that I bought and I want them to recognise me. The shop assistant that is not the boots!!!!

Oh by the way – I bought new boots – scary! Such an expensive purchase, but not always easy to judge wisely in the shop.  Also sad. Sad – because I love the ones that they are replacing  – boots bought at a greatly reduced price many years ago and which have faithfully put a spring in my step ever since.

A note three months later: I returned the boots – they just weren’t interesting enough to replace my lovely falling apart boots with a great turn over top. I did find some eventually. They are less like the old ones in direct comparison, but more like them in kinship. I am pleased.


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